Proposed Declaration Amendment

At the recent Annual Meeting of Homeowners, a discussion was held regarding short term leases of properties within the community.  As a result of the discussion, the Board is presenting the enclosed Declaration Amendment for a vote of the Homeowners.

Currently, there are no minimum restrictions on the timeframe that homes can be rented.  With the rise of popularity of “Air BnB” or “VRBO” listings, there is a concern in the community that short-term rentals are not prohibited.  The enclosed Declaration Amendment would resolve this concern, by requiring all rental agreements be for a minimum of 60 days, and require that the entire lot is for the exclusive use of the lessee.

In accordance with the Declaration, for the Amendment to pass, 67% of the entire community must approve of the Declaration Amendment.  Enclosed you will find a OWNER CONSENT document, that we request you complete, sign, and return, indicating that you approve of the Declaration Amendment.

If you have not yet submitted your OWNER CONSENT, and would like to approve of the Declaration Amendment, please print, sign and mail the form to Foster Management.